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Help my friend win the cute craft contest

My  friend Amie dependonyou has a lot of trouble keeping her house organized.  She does all sorts of crafts: sewing, beading, claywork, and scrapbooking are just a few.  Her supplies have exploded, leaving her living room, bedroom, spare room, and  hallways(!!!) a mess.  She has tried for quite a while to find something to help her get her house under control, and now she's finally found just the thing!

The Original lists several different styles of desk, all of them containing so many cubbyholes and drawers that even Amie should be able to keep her things under control.  It looks just like a normal piece of furniture, too. Right now, though, she can't afford even the least expensive of the desks on the website, no matter how perfect they are for her. :(

Fortunately, though, they are having a contest where she has a chance to win an "EZ View Desk."  They look like this:

Lots of desk space for her to have a sewing machine there, or for her to work on beading or other fiddly bits of her crafts.  There are drawers, shelves, and side cubbies for all her craft supplies.  All she has to do is get enough votes to be one of the top three entries!  The contest theme is "cute crafts," and I'd say her fox and squirrel are one of the cutest entries on the website. No, make that the cutest. If you'd like to help me help her, please vote for her!  She can receive one vote per day per IP address, so feel free to vote as often as you can before the contest is over.  She has a long way to go, but I am sure that she has a good chance!

You can vote for Amie (AKA Kendrah AKA  dependonyou ) here.

Note: If you really want to help me help Amie even more, you can make an entry in your own journals asking your friends to vote for her, too!  If you include a link to, a picture of one of their products (see above), and a brief review then Amie could even get an extra 50 votes!  If you do that, please post a comment: here to give Amie a link to your journal entry, so that she can submit it for points. But even just voting would be very cool.

Thank you! Remember folks: dependonyou  is depending on YOU. Vote early! Vote often!

I'm otakunokamera and I approved this message. (LOL</span>)

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